Stupidious was a sold out event and screening programme curated by Paul Clinton at South London Gallery. It featured contributions from Paul Clinton, Dr Malcolm Quinn and Natalie Pollard, and artists Erik van Lieshout, Mel Brimfield, Ryan Trecartin, Andy Warhol, Clunie Reid and Rosemarie Trockel. The event explored the cultural importance of stupidity with a particular focus on its ethical and political effects as well as the challenges it presents to art making and critical writing. High culture is supposed to keep its audience from being stupid, yet artists and theorists have repeatedly turned their attention to this marginalised subject. Stupidity carries a number of significant associations and implications – questions of intellectual superiority, of judgment and understanding, of the nature of thought, of certitude and selfhood, of insult and exclusion, of legitimate and illegitimate knowledge. – Paul Clinton


Mel Brimfield, Death and Dumb Part 2, 2013, HD video. Courtesy: the artist.

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