Forbidden To Forbid A Reader

Forbidden to Forbid

A Reader

Paul Clinton

'An excellent little reader on the ambiguities of the discourses of 1960s (sexual) liberation and their recovery by neoconservative ideologies'

– Charlotte Laubard, Dean of Visual Arts, HEAD Geneva

'A timely introduction ... [shows that] neither freedom nor desire have been universal or non-exceptional in a capitalist – or even humanist – context'

– Cecile B. Evans, artist

A reader including an expanded essay on the exhibition and the ideas it raised, previously published essays by Paul, an interview with Lionel Soukaz and a excerpt from T J Demos's essay on Oreet Ashery's Party for Freedom. Published by Goswell Road, Paris, in their Goswell Reader series with support for this edition from Galerie Balice Hertling. The book is available for purchase here.

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